Requiem in pace aeterna

On March 31, 2012, my daughter Simone left this world.

So many thoughts, so many words, so many feelings have filled our lives since the week we spent at Beth Israel Deaconess, living in the waiting area of the 5th floor Trauma S/ICU. I found myself wondering from time to time how often the hospital staff is invaded by a family who camps out in their lounges, cafeterias and bathrooms the way we took the 5th floor by storm. At the end of the week we spent there, it was clear that Simone's spirit had fled the planet, and we had to let her body follow her.

Among the recurring themes we heard was that a parent should never have to suffer the loss of a child. Perhaps that is true. I think of it as, there is no loss as painful as the loss of one's child. No parent should be asked to suffer so. Yet, it happens all the time. Every day.

For now, my home page, my professional face to the world, is on hold while I mourn. I plan to write about my feelings and experiences, and you'll be able to read them here.

Simone and her Dad aboard the Eleanor, Kenebunkport, ME