Son of a daughter of the Depression era

I just noticed something strange.

I’m about to embark on some musical transcribing, which will involve consuming several sheets of Berklee 12-stave paper (M1). I find that I still have a gut reaction to using a lot of staff paper – my gosh, can I afford it? What if Berklee stops making M1 pads and I can’t get them anymore? I like that paper so much – what if I’m using up the last of it?

This is plainly ridiculous. I’ve survived the days since it was a hard decision between buying a pack of smokes or a pad of paper to do homework on.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the last, or next-to-last, generation who will need actual paper and pencil to assist me in my mental rummaging. There’s something bittersweet about that.

Enough procrastination. Time for ear training homework.