A lot of people ask me, “OK, what’s with sendai77? Where did you come up with it?”

Well, I think of it as a cross between Neuromancer and Brazil 66.

One day, somewhere around 1998 or 1999, I had to come up with an ID for AOL/IM. After five minutes thought, I chose ‘sendai77’. That’s pretty much it.

It’s now possible to be a “Renaissance person” thanks to all the technology that surrounds us. I guess I came along at the right time, as far as all that is concerned. I’ve always had a hard time choosing what I want to be when I grow up, so in one sense I haven’t grown up yet.

I would characterize myself as a musician who never quit his day gig. Rather, I allowed the day gig to get the better of me and become my actual career. It’s been a struggle reconciling the two.

Or three. Or four. I’m avid about photography, began shooting and developing in black-and-white back in the 80s. But I’ve decided to segregate my photo work from the sendai77 site – it just makes sense to me for it to be an independent operation.

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