And the winner is…


Adam wrote me last week to tell me he had won first place. He notes that “…some folks even said that they ‘had never seen a choreographed flower stick routine'”.

Here’s an mp3 of the final mix, which we adjusted to soften some of the ending cues, and we slowed the tempo a little as well. The groove changed significantly, in my opinion.

I’m looking forward to seeing the video of Adam’s performance. I’m also pretty sure we’ll put together a longer version and make a video. Stay tuned.

As a result of this collaboration, I’ve started investigating poi a little. I’m fascinated by it – I fell in love with watching it one summer evening in Barcelona with my pal DJ Fizz. (Note to the universe: if you can, tell Fizz to drop me a line.) But during my investigations, I read this cautionary tale about fire breathing. I recommend it if you think you want to play with lamp fuel in the future.

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