Guess it’s a big deal

The afore-mentioned recording session took place at Studio G in Brooklyn, with Tony Maimone at the console. The music guys at work are all walking around in awe. Me, I just wanted to get in there and do my best behind the B3 for my buddy Tom.

Day one I laid down B3 tracks on everything. I think Tom was a little overwhelmed. My philospohy was, “you don’t need to use all of it – but it’s there if you want it.” Tony bought that idea, and Rotary Club was soon swimming in a swirling, psychedelic Leslie-induced wash of rose incense and LSD.

Day two, synth and mandolin overdubs, but I hung out while Jonah Sacks laid in some awesomely sweet cello parts. Left Brooklyn at 8:15 pm, made it home before midnight.

Tony was awesome to work for. He’s the man. This CD is going to be a thing of beauty.

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