Unemployed, for now

The Monitor and I have parted ways amicably. Actually, it’s been that way for two weeks and three days, as I write this.

Why the delay in writing about it? Well, look at my track record. It’s not like I post here every day, you know.

But it did occur to me that it would be a cool idea to document at least some of my efforts – or at least some of my thoughts and reactions – while I go through this process. It’s been five years since I was in the job market. Not much has changed, except that there’s maybe a few more opportunities now than in the Dry Gulch days of 2002.

Leave it to Murphy’s Law: my laptop – no, my nerve center – died on me last week. Hard drive kaput, everything else seems OK. Lucky for me, I bought the extended warranty with it. I’ll get it back next week some time, but then I have to reconstruct it to the point where it’s useful. Meanwhile, I’m camping out on my Mac Mini.

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