Diagnosis, part 2

The stomach biopsy came back negative, which is good news.

The colonoscopy results are not as cheerful, but could be much worse. The polyp that was removed was an actual polyp, as opposed to a hyperplastic (benign) polyp. My understanding is, once the nasty-type polyp is removed there’s a chance that it might grow back. I’m booked for another colonoscopy in July, so that the doc can verify that he got it all on the first pass. If the polyp grows back, that’s more of a cause for alarm, as the growth might be cancerous. I get the feeling that I’m going to reach gold status on Flexible Sphygmoidoscope Airlines in the next couple of years.

All in all, I feel a little better about my outlook. I have changed my dietary habits quite a bit, though I still have more work to do in that department. I have definitely upped my fiber intake, and I am carefully avoiding most of the trigger foods on the list. I had a relapse the other night and indulged in some plain pizza – and paid the price later on that same night. I guess the pizza party is over. Time for a kale and quinoa party, I guess…

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